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Game board: the Holy Ground

Finally I can show you the last area of the city the Holy Ground. It’s very difficult for a vampire to access to this blessed place so they need a powerful help to go there. All these four areas together make a unique drawing: the City. The City is the lowest part of the game board.      

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Game board: the Castle

Here You can see 3rd area of the city: the Castle. This is one of the most inaccessible areas of the City. If you are a keen observer you’ll notice that the Castle area seems the continuation of the Street area.

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Game board: the Street

Here you can see the drawing of another area of the city: the Street. This is the area of the city that connects the Slum and the Castle. This is another good place for Vampires to find their victims but they should be more careful and possibly stay hidden.

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Game Board: Slum

Our game board has some different zones. The City and the Party. This City is divided in 4 areas. Today I want to show you the drawing we’ll use for the lowest area of the city: the Slum.┬áThis is a dark┬áplace where the vampires can easily find their victims.

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Game Board: the Masquerade Ball

Wow … how much time without any update on our project : don’t worry we are still alive and working. First of all we are making the video for the presentation in the Kickstarter page: we didn’t think it was so difficult to create a good video, so this has become much longer than expected. Our designer Giulio completed the ...

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