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The Game

Bite Nite is an exciting board game where each player controls a wandering vampire sneaking in the night. The city is crowded with colorful group of strange people that will be the unaware victims of the vampires’s bite. Every vampire must shows his supremacy biting more as possible and more important citizen (victims) than the other players. The vampires have to pay attention who they are biting in the dark streets. They are always thirsty of fresh blood so they must always bite a victim ! This is their strenght but could be their ruin. There are many situations that can overturn the result of the game everytime.
Beware at Dracula, the Voivode (Lord) of the city! He is jealous of his property and of his victims so the bloodthirsty vampires must avoid to go too near to him to bite their victims.
Beware at the uninvited and wandering stranger of the dark streets of the city: the werewolf. So bite fast your victim before the werewolf eat them.

The basic version of the board game is designed for 2-5 players, ages 8+. The game can last for 15min per player and we’ll use Kickstarter to found this tabletop game.

There are some expansion of the game (goals of Kickstarter)
– up to 6 players;
– a new deck to increase the difficulty of the game to make it more tactical to increase the fun and the time of the game.

Bite in the Night to be the strongest vampire!



  • the game board of the city;
  • 5 vampires Identity Cards;
  • 2 decks of cards: Power deck and a Victim deck;
  • 1 werewolf token;
  • one d10 die.



  • one deck of cards for Events;
  • one deck of cards for special Conditions;
  • some special cards with a surprise;
  • some additional features;
  • an additional miniature.