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Rav Ezekiel was looking through the curtains of the temple. The profile of the castle in the distance towered over the city. For many years it was the spiritual leader of the small Jewish community of Targostad. He had always been a confident person thanks to his culture and his faith, but in the recent years the feeling of a bad omen hovered over him.

The community was upset for strange and disturbing news of strange events was happening during the past nights and disturbing news from the castle of the Voivode, so Ezekiel now want to know the true.

Oh My Lord, give me strenght, and show me the true … ” , his thoughts were almost a softly whisper
The Tanach … I’ll find there all the answers … as usual. ” he was thinking while playing with his thick curly beard.

He put the key in the carved door of the tabernacle, an annoying squeak broke the silence of the temple while he slowly opened it, the door was almost resisting to opening as to keep hidden its innermost secrets.

Rav took the scrolls with reverence, laid them on the altar, he put on his round glasses and started to read: “Let me see .. oh … I find it … is this the right word? … “gelem” the raw material .. of life”.

He spent many hours in the temple reading the ancient text. Outside the streets were dark and strangely quiet .. sometimes he sensed, rather than heard, a muffled scream. While he was rummaging among the shelves, looking and reading old and dusty books, he took notes.
Yes .. it’s here … oh My Lord, give me strenght.

It was already dawning when he put down the old texts, he touch it with his lips, “well, it’s time to begin !”, he run through the temple and opened the door where his assistant was sleeping
David .. David .. wake up, move .. we have a lot of work to do.

The guy opened his sleepy eyes and looking at the rabbi asked: “what’s happening?”
I’ll explain soon, but wake up fast … and beware we must be careful .. tell me David ..
did You ever heard anything about the Golem?