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About the Game

Game Board consideration

As you can notice the previous posts about game board didn’t represent the final version but only the drawings of our artist Giulio Riosa. There are two main zones in Bite Nite‘s game board: The first one is the Masquerade Ball, in the upper zone, and the City, in the lower zone. The City has 4 areas: the Slum, the Streets, ...

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Illustrator: Giulio Riosa

We want to present the designers for our game: Bite Nite. In this post we ‘ll start presenting Giulio Riosa our card’s designer. You can read an interview by the blogger of centoparole.it at http://blogger.centoparole.it/2015/10/la-matita-e-il-racconto-giulio-riosa-e-i-fumetti/ . This interview is in italian language so here the link of Google Translate for english readers.

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Title: Bite Nite

We decided to put in evidence again because, as You can notice, the picture of Bite Nite is a rotational ambigram: so You can see the title even if you turn the picture 180 degree. Thanks to our great designer Blaz Trusnovec.

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Bite Nite: the story begins

While strange news come from the far west speaking about the discover of a New World, the citizen of Targostad had some other things to worry about: the people continue to disappear overnight in the Principality of Wallachia in the last decades and no one seems to notice this. The Voivode of Targostad lived holed up in his castle near ...

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