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Call to arms for illustrators: unleash your creativity and get a fabulous job!

Our team is looking for an illustrator who’s going to draw gothic illustrations for a card game.
To apply for the selection contact us using our Contact Page

In the “Subject” write: call to arms for illustrator (anything else will NOT be considered)

In the “Your Message” write the URL of Your portfolio

If Your portfolio is good we will contact You with the following request:

Dear Sir
send us two sample drawings following these instructions:
– subject: you can draw whatever you want, (otherwise, if you prefer, you can write us for more specific requests)
– colors: the drawings will be black and white
– size: we need a poker sized picture (63×88 mm). The drawing can fill all the card surface or can be inside a graphic frame (gothic style)
The selection is going to take place on April and the chosen artist will receive a job offer (for eighty drawings).
If you are selected, you will also have the chance to work on the design of the game board and on the future expansions of the game!

We’ll send You the email address where to send Your jobs.

….. so be prepared ! !