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Game Board consideration

As you can notice the previous posts about game board didn’t represent the final version but only the drawings of our artist Giulio Riosa. There are two main zones in Bite Nite‘s game board: The first one is the Masquerade Ball, in the upper zone, and the City, in the lower zone. The City has 4 areas: the Slum, the Streets, the Castle and the Holy Ground.

At last we have to thank Blaz Trusnovec for the logo Bite Nite that you can see as logo of the site. He did a good work: as you can notice this logo is an ambigram, so if you rotate him of 180° you’ll always read Bite Nite

Chiara Scrigner already did the graphic for the game board and the final result is great, but we’ll talk about here in a later post, but here you can see her manipulation of the logo that we’ll see in the final version of the game board.

bite nite logo


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