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Game Board: the Masquerade Ball

Wow … how much time without any update on our project : don’t worry we are still alive and working.

First of all we are making the video for the presentation in the Kickstarter page: we didn’t think it was so difficult to create a good video, so this has become much longer than expected.

Our designer Giulio completed the game board and he did really a great work; it is so good that I want to share with all of You a preview of his work (using a very low resolution :p). This is not the final release of the game board because Chiara (our graphic designer) must add the graphic to adapt the board to the dynamics of the game.

The game board has 2 zones: the City (divided in 4 areas) and the Masquerade Ball.

In this post I’ll show You the preview of

Masquerade Ball


Masquerade Ball

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