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Bite Nite: the story begins

While strange news come from the far west speaking about the discover of a New World, the citizen of Targostad had some other things to worry about: the people continue to disappear overnight in the Principality of Wallachia in the last decades and no one seems to notice this. The Voivode of Targostad lived holed up in his castle near ...

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Looking for Illustrators

Hiring Illustrators

Our team is looking for an illustrator who’s going to draw gothic illustrations for a card game. To apply for the selection contact us using our Contact Page In the “Subject” write: call to arms for illustrator (anything else will NOT be considered). In the “Your Message” write the URL of Your portfolio. If Your portfolio is good we will contact You ...

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Hello world from Bite Nite

Welcome to the new site of BITE NITE the most exciting, simply and funny Vampire boardgame. This site is born to keep You update with the development of the game. The creator is one of the owner of Fantasylandia shop in Trieste – Italy. The game is developed with the collaboration of Gaspez Arts and 4TIPS d.o.o. The game now is in ...

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