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Bite Nite: the story begins

While strange news come from the far west speaking about the discover of a New World, the citizen of Targostad had some other things to worry about: the people continue to disappear overnight in the Principality of Wallachia in the last decades and no one seems to notice this.

The Voivode of Targostad lived holed up in his castle near the city for too many years and the Church was enriched with the heritage of the missing people and from the donations of the frightened and desperate citizens.

No one takes care of the city … no one defend it … and … strange … no one was approaching or plundering it.

But once a year, in the the first full moon of the winter, the castle of the Voivode light up for the Grand Masquerade. This great ball was an long-awaited and highly feared meeting where the Count invites not only the most representative people of the city but also ordinary citizen. There are only two conditions to participate: You have to be invited and You need to be masked … nothing else.

Many narrate about magnificence and excess of this occurrence but someone tell about the people who never returned from this great feast , perhaps because of too many excess, perhaps because of … other reasons.